Dietel Partners

A Family-to-Family Philanthropic Advisory Firm

Our multi-generational family clients passionately believe in the power of philanthropy to support positive change in the world. Together, we are providing financial and other resources to enhance human rights, improve the lives of women and children, preserve cultural diversity and ensure the environmental health of our planet. We have the great privilege of helping to ensure that this important work gets done.

We begin by listening to our clients and funding partners talk about who they want to help and why. They describe their desire to give back by addressing complex problems and by creating new opportunities that can lead to a better future. They also ask about collaborating with others so that the greatest possible impact can be made.

We understand their commitment because we have worked to advance leading edge social change for over 30 years – through our own philanthropy, our careers in the nonprofit sector, and in partnering with like-minded families and funders. Collectively, we are contributors who bring ideas, talent and financial resources to the causes we care about most.


Our “trim tab” approach to grant making is the key. A trim tab is the small portion of a ship’s rudder that when shifted, begins turning the direction of a massive ship. We identify organizations and specific projects that are the “trim tab” for the social change that our clients and funding partners want to see. Specifically, we partner to support:

Senior Team

Senior Management Team at 2016 Fall Retreat in Virginia.